Healthy Eating For a Better Quality of Life

  • December 17, 2014
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Part of our job here at Community Health Center of Snohomish County is to help our patients and members of the community learn about how to eat a healthy diet, with plenty of good nutrition. With everything that people see on the media about foods, diets, and weight loss, it’s important to actually discuss your health and weight goals with your doctor. They will be able to help you sift through the nonsense from the media and create a diet plan that works for you.


Healthy Eating for Healthy Living

Our nutritionists help families find a higher quality of life through healthy eating and good nutrition tips. They work with patients to establish better eating routines, such as not skipping out on breakfast, avoiding high sugar meals throughout the day, and having nutritious snack times between meals.

They also help patients identify what foods are NOT beneficial to their bodies, such as empty carbs, sugar, preservatives and other chemicals. By weeding out processed foods and replacing them with natural whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy meats, your body will be getting more of the nutrition it needs to function well.

Our nutritionist can provide you information on the best nutrition tips for kids, teens and young adults, adults, and seniors. Diets and foods will be adjusted according to what your family likes best, food allergies, and other dietary needs or restrictions. We know that what works for one family will not always be exactly the same solution for another family.

The important aspect is that your healthier eating brings about healthier living!


Healthy Eating for Weight Loss

We are very familiar with patients coming in, despairing over diet regimes and new diet plans that didn’t work. Because of the growing rate of obesity in the United States, there has been an enormous boom in dieting drinks, foods, and plans.

While we wouldn’t say that all dieting plans are a waste of money, our nutritionist knows that much of weight loss can be handled with a switch to healthier eating (and that doesn’t always mean smaller portions!) and exercise. Sometimes genetics or chemical imbalances will impact weight loss, but thankfully our staff at Community Health Center of Snohomish County are available to help our patients work through these difficulties as well.

If you are struggling with excess weight, it might be time for an appointment with our nutritionist. Together, we can work toward a healthier weight and a better quality of life for you and your family.


Healthy Eating to Lower Blood Pressure or Cholesterol

As we age, we often find that our blood pressure and cholesterol levels begin rising. Sometimes this is due to weight gain, sometimes to genetic predisposition, and sometimes it is directly tied to diet.

Our nutritionist will work with your primary care provider to help you bring down high blood pressure and cholesterol to their normal healthy range. This is often done by creating a heart-healthy diet plan.

This can help reduce your chances of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems later in life. Increase your life expectancy and allow yourself to experience more activities and energy by following the healthy eating plans laid out for best nutrition and overall health.

Meet with our nutritionist to discuss how diet change and exercise can help you become more healthy.