New Mom’s Guide: What to Expect After Delivery

  • April 21, 2016
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Becoming a new mom is one of life’s most beautiful moments. But mixed with this beauty is a lot of responsibility and questions. As you work through the delivery healing process, the baby will be getting more and more used to its new home. To make sure that your baby is set up for a healthy life, it’s important to know what to expect after having a baby. We have great pediatric care at CHC that can help you feel confident on your babies health.

What to Expect After Delivery

At your Community Health Center, we’ve put together some guidelines for the first year of having a baby, as well as what to expect after delivery for new moms. Here’s to your child being healthy for life!

Well Child Checks for Baby

The delivery process can be very exciting and emotional for everybody involved, especially the new mother. If the delivery happened at the hospital, the nurses and doctors will perform a quick check to make sure that the baby is healthy. But after taking the baby home, it’s the parent’s job to make sure that the baby stays happy and healthy from that point forward.

Finding a pediatrician, family medicine doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner that you are comfortable with is very important. Your new child will need to have a reliable professional to help keep them healthy as they grow. Medical visits are very important in keeping the baby well. This will include vaccines and regular check-ups.

Vaccines for Babies

Vaccinating babies has been a heated debate within the last decade. However, the scientific community agrees that vaccinating your baby is important for their health.

After having a baby, you’ll want to pay a visit to your health care provider and get your newborn baby on an immunization schedule. Getting vaccines in the first year will help to ensure a healthy childhood for your new baby.

The Body’s Healing Process

The miracle of childbirth is a process that can be very hard on the human body. A new mom can expect that the healing process may take anywhere from six weeks to a few months. This can be longer if the mother had a C-section, which can take about 12 weeks to recover from.

Approaching this process slowly is part of what to expect after having a baby. You’ll want to give yourself some needed rest, when possible. Refrain from strenuous work or exercise for several weeks, and don’t rush back into full activity. You may feel sore, have to use the bathroom frequently, or experience additional bleeding. This is all a perfectly normal part of the healing process; give it time and you’ll be feeling like yourself in no time.

With time and patience, you’ll settle into being a new mom just fine! As you adjust to having a new child, make sure that you’re taking them to the clinic for regular checkups, vaccines, and anything that may be troubling them. We’re here to be your resource if you’re looking for a new health care provider for your baby. Contact us to learn more!