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Lynnwood clinic for low-income, uninsured patients now open Sundays

The nonprofit Community Health Center of Snohomish County has a new service to help treat the colds, coughs, cuts and broken bones that can crop up on weekends. Its walk-in clinic at 4111 194th St. SW is now open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. The Community Health Center provides medical services to anyone but was founded in 1983 to treat low-income and uninsured children and adults.

New Year’s Resolutions for the Whole Family

Contents1. Healthy Breakfast2. Exercise Together3. Try Something New4. Relax Without Electronics5. Earlier Bedtime 6. Healthy Snacks7. Volunteer TimeCommunity Health Center in Snohomish County Making resolutions for the next year is a big decision, but keeping them is the challenge. The best way to push yourself toward success is to make New Year’s resolutions as a […]

Healthy Foods to Swap with Holiday Treats

ContentsAlcoholEggnogCandied YamsDark MeatStuffingMashed PotatoesPieCommunity Health Center of Snohomish County The holidays are a time to take a break from work and school and enjoy time with our families. Many people like to eat special meals as a way to celebrate. However, many of these foods are also very unhealthy for you and your family. High […]

9 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

Contents1. Exercise2. Don’t Leave Your House Hungry3. Pick Food Carefully4. Bring Your Own Food5. Eat Slowly6. Watch Your Portions 7. Write Your Meals Down8. Skip the Drinks9. Take the Focus off of Holiday MealsStaying Healthy With Community Health Center of Snohomish County The holidays are approaching quickly. As we begin to prepare, it is important […]

Where to Go for Health Problems

ContentsWhen to See a Primary Care ProviderWhen to Visit a Medical Walk-In Clinic:When to Go to the Emergency Room or Hospital:Community Health Center in Snohomish County We all like being happy and healthy, but sometimes things go wrong with our bodies. We can feel sick or tired, we can get cuts, and be in pain. […]

Why You Should Get Flu Shots

ContentsWhat is a Flu Shot?Why Are Flu Shots Important?Will a Flu Shot Make Me Sick?Where Can I Get a Flu Shot? As the school year is starting and the weather gets wet and cold, many people will start to get sick. Many people will catch the flu, but you and your family can protect themselves […]

Dental Care: Basic Information for You and Your Family

ContentsDon’t Ignore Your Dental HealthBenefits of a Clean MouthHow to Care for Your Mouth It is very important to take good care of your teeth and mouth. Doctors have learned that taking good care of your mouth by brushing and flossing properly can keep the rest of your body healthy and strong. If we don’t […]

Protecting Your Family From Whooping Cough

ContentsWhat Is Whooping Cough?Why Is It Dangerous?How Do I Know If I have Whooping Cough?How Can Whooping Cough Be Prevented? In 2011, many families in Snohomish County were sick with whooping cough. In April of this year, Snohomish County already had forty cases of the whooping cough. Public health officials are now warning families that […]

Back to School: How to Keep Your Kids Healthy This School Year

Contents1. Hand Washing2. Eating Healthy Meals3. Staying Active4. Getting Sleep5. VaccinesStaying Healthy With CHC As our kids head back to school and the wet, rainy Seattle weather returns, it can seem hard to keep your kids healthy. But there are things you can do to help keep yourself and your children healthy this school year. […]

Project Homeless Connect offers help for those in need

A “Stand Down” resource event for veterans was part of Project Homeless Connect. Coordinator John Gross said most were requesting help with housing or “access to services they don't even know about.” Counselors from Community Health Center of Snohomish County were available...