Well Child Check-ups

Monitoring your child’s development is critical during their first three years. This is one of the reasons why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends taking your children for a minimum of nine well-child checkups during their first three years. At Community Health Center of Snohomish County, we provide a complete range of wellness checkups that help assess your little one’s overall health.

Our team of dedicated physicians can help monitor your children and make sure they are growing up happy and healthy. If you want to learn more about our wellness checkup services, get in touch with us today and we’ll be glad to schedule an appointment!

Well-child check-up

What are Well Child Checkups?

During a well-child checkup, your healthcare provider will carry out a series of test to assess a child’s emotional and physical health. These recommended visits need to take place even if your toddler is not ill and they represent a great time to converse with your physician about any questions or worries you may have.

Children grow up very quickly, so regular consultations will help ensure that your toddler has everything he or she needs to stay healthy. While the schedule may vary, make sure that you bring in your child for regular visits past the three-year mark in order to catch potential issues early on.


Assessing Your Child’s Health Through Wellness Checkups

During a wellness checkup, our team of physicians can carry out a variety of tests that help assess your child’s health. These include:

Checkup Schedule

The first thing your healthcare professional will do is analyze the checkup schedule. If it’s your first visit, we will build a schedule according to your baby’s needs and provide the necessary information so you can stay up to date with your appointments.


Immunizations are a very important part of creating a safe environment for your children. They trigger a response in your toddler’s immune system in order to help protect against certain conditions. Shots are more effective when they are administered at certain ages, so get in touch today and we’ll be glad to help.

Physical Exams

Well-child checkups also include a full physical exam to identify any potential problems and verify that your children are in good condition.

Hearing and Vision Tests

Hearing and vision exams start at the age of four. They give you a good idea of your child’s development and they can help recognize the need for glasses or other aids.


Schedule a Wellness Checkup Today!

At Community Health Center of Snohomish County, we pride ourselves in delivering a comprehensive list of well-child checkup services. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today or swing by one of our clinics and our team will be glad to help.

What To Bring On Your First Visit

  • Medical insurance card, Medicaid coupon and/or Medicare card
  • Proof of income (pay stubs, tax return)
  • Photo ID
  • A list of all medications