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Dental Care


At Community Health Center of Snohomish County, we provide dental care for children and dental care for adults alike. Regular dental care services help remove plaque, which can become the main source of a number of conditions that include infections, cavities, and overall tooth decay.

All CHC clinics are unable to provide services to anyone due to a L & I claim regardless of other insurance.

Our dental care services are designed to provide both treatment and preventive services, in order to examine and clean places that are hard to reach on your own. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Regular and preventive checkups
  • Fissure sealants
  • Restorations (fillings)
  • Extractions
  • Limited root canal treatments
  • Dental crowns
Finding Reliable Dental Care

Having a reliable dental care professional will help you find the best solution for you and your family. Taking good cleaning habits such as brushing multiple times a day, flossing, eating healthy, and using mouthwash, and combining them with periodic visits to a dental practice for dental hygiene will help your teeth stay in tip-top condition.

Community Health Center of Snohomish County provides high-quality dental care services for you and your family. You can get in touch with us at 425-789-3789 or by visiting one of our multiple locations. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today!

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