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In 1982, a group of 20 people representing social service organizations gathered to form the Low-Income Healthcare Committee, which established the Community Health Referral Center (CHRC) in 1983. The board and staff of CHRC and the medical community saw that a referral center was not adequate to meet the needs of the underserved. In 1985, CHRC evolved from a referral center to a medical clinic, and on February 24, 1987, it became Community Health Center of Snohomish County (CHC).

Today, CHC has several primary care health clinics throughout Snohomish County, operates school-based health centers in local schools, and runs outreach programs in partnership with other local non-profits.

As the demand for affordable and accessible healthcare continues to rise, we are committed to expanding healthcare services and increasing accessibility for underserved populations by establishing new clinics in high-impact areas, enhancing existing facilities to meet the growing need for services, and partnering with more school districts to grow the school-based health center program.

CHC Growth

In 2023, CHC provided 221,386 patient visits to 69,208 individuals, a 50% increase over the last ten years.

Notable changes to our patient population since 2014:

  • Patients on Medicaid increased from 57% to 71%.
  • Patients best served in another language increased from 18% to 28%.
  • Patients seeking behavioral health increased by 397% (from 510 to 2,537).
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2023 Annual Report Cover

Annual Report

Our annual report is published in May after receiving the UDS report of our patient data; however, our fiscal year runs from July to June, so our financial report begins in July of the preceding year.

CHC at a Glance

Review a summary of our annual report in a single-page format.