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Patient Portal / Health Records

Online Access to Your Own Health Records Through the Patient Portal.

As a CHC patient, you can use the portal to:

  • Request, confirm and cancel appointments
  • View medication
  • View immunization records
  • View your personal health record
  • Send messages to clinical staff
  • Search and obtain education information
  • Maintain account information, including username, password, access privileges, and email address

To sign up for the Patient Portal, please click the button to the right on the page to set up your account.

You must be at least 18 years old to use this service.

Access Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card and Immunization Records

Click the button to access your COVID-19 vaccination card and online immunization records.

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Login to Patient Portal

Have you already set up your account? If yes, you are ready to login and begin using the Patient Portal. Simply click on the service button below and enter your username and password.

Medical and Dental Records

Click the button below to request your medical and dental records.

Patient Portal / Health Records
Frequently Asked Questions

Athena and NextMD is our secure patient portal. It gives you a way to contact our office about non-urgent requests through a secure web portal.
Athena is our patient portal for Medical services and NextMD is for our Dental services.

No. Patient Portal uses a secure website to send messages and requests to your provider team directly into our electronic health record system.

This information comes directly from your medical record at your provider’s office. Discuss any inaccurate information with your provider at your next clinic visit. Your health information is reviewed and updated in your medical record during each visit.

Your information is extremely secure. The information on Patient Portal is merely a snapshot of your medical record, not the actual record.

Depending on the request, we will reply in the same method that you used to contact us. If we need more information to process your request, we will contact you by telephone.

Yes, messages sent from the Patient Portal and the responses to those messages, do become part of your medical record.

Designated staff members who provide support to your provider will be involved in receiving your messages, and routing them to your provider, nurse, or front desk as necessary. If your provider is out of the office, your request may be handled by the provider on-call or held until he/she returns to the office.

Click on the “Forgot password” link on the sign-in page to reset your password online.

Log into your account and go to the “My Account” section. From there you are able to edit and update your username, password, etc. If you need to update your personal information like an address or phone number, please send a message or contact your provider’s office.

Patient Portal is set up to time out a session automatically when it finds no action (i.e. moving the mouse) in a period of time. Follow the instructions to log back in or close the session.

You may review our organization’s privacy policy here.

Washington state has laws that permit minors (children under the age of 18) to consent or agree to certain types of health care services confidentially.


What types of services may minors consent to?

Washington state allows minor patients to consent for the following services, depending on the patient’s age:

  • Birth control services
  • Prenatal care
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and infections
  • Outpatient substance use treatment
  • Behavioral health

Visit our clinic locations for hours and services offered.


I’m under 18 years of old – what does this mean for me?

When minors visit a provider at CHC, there are certain services they may consent to without parental involvement (see “What types of services may a minor consent to?” above). CHC will take steps to ensure the confidentiality of those visits by turning off portal access for all patients ages 10 through 17 and will not share your healthcare information with anyone else unless you give permission.


What does this mean for me as a parent?

CHC encourages parents and guardians to be involved in their child’s health care to the extent possible and respects their authority to make decisions.

These laws also require health care providers to treat visits confidentially. Therefore, if your child consents to one of the above services on their own, CHC will not be able to share information with you regarding those visits without written authorization from the child. These are the steps

  • Patient Portal: CHC will automatically deactivate portal access for parents and guardians of minors between the ages of 10 through 17 years old. Parents may contact CHC for billing information or medical/dental records for their minor child and continue to have information about their health care

Turning off access to portal accounts applies to all patients ages 10 through 17 and does not mean that your child has received healthcare services without your knowledge.

Click here for more information.

Patient Portal works best with the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and higher
  • Google Chrome