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Jennifer Willcox, PA-C


Family Medicine




1992 - PA-C, Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Professional Certifications:

Certified by the National Commission on the Certification of Physician Assistant (NCCPA)

Special Interests:

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and continue to enjoy the beauty and adventure it offers, finding wonder, solace, and peace outside in nature. My outdoor pursuits include hiking, backpacking, biking, gardening, skiing, and time on Lopez Island, where my family and I nurture a small plot of land. Keeping moving and stretching for health and well-being ranks high on my list of pursuits, and I balance it with time to enjoy music, books, and films, learning new skills that interest me, and connecting with others. I am delighted that my young children love to travel, and I enjoy following in their adventures from my home base and meeting up with them to share in the travel when I can.

I Believe:

I firmly believe that access to high-quality healthcare is a fundamental right for all individuals. I have always worked in family medicine and appreciate how it allows for establishing genuine relationships with patients rooted deeply in listening, empathy, and compassion. In getting to know one another, I can better understand one's unique medical needs and collaborate on a path forward for assessment and healing. I recognize the significance of our diverse backgrounds and experiences and strive to learn and integrate cultural sensitivity and understanding into every interaction. Staying informed about the latest medical advancements ensures I can provide patients with the most up-to-date information and treatment options. Moreover, I place great importance on the interconnectedness of mental and physical health, acknowledging how one profoundly influences the other. Discussions about the vital role of support systems in our well-being are woven into the fabric of our consultations, recognizing that healing extends beyond the confines of the clinic.

Preferred Pronouns: