Dental Care

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is about taking care of all areas of your body, including dental care. At Community Health Center of Snohomish, we provide a comprehensive list of oral and dental care services for children and adults. We employ state-of-the-art technology to help patients, and provide everything from routine checkups to cleaning, oral disease treatment, removals, and brace fittings.


Adult Dental Care

Our ongoing dental care services for adults can help you address any and all oral health concerns you may have. Adults can experience severe infections and other issues that can lead to extensive, painful recoveries. Our dental care professionals can help address these issues through medication and other procedures to eliminate the source of the problem while minimizing downtime.


Dental Care for Children

There are numerous factors that can complicate dental care for children. At Community Health Center of Snohomish, we provide extensive dental care for children, and take into consideration all internal and external elements that may affect their recovery. Our children’s dental care professionals focus on helping your little ones establish and maintain good oral health, while giving them the best care possible.



At Community Health Center of Snohomish, we provide dental care services for both children and adults alike. Regular dental care services help remove plaque, which can become the main source of a number of conditions that include infections, cavities, and overall tooth decay.

Our dental care services are designed to provide both treatment and preventive services, in order to examine and clean places that are hard to reach on your own. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Regular and preventive check-ups
  • Fissure sealants
  • Extractions
  • Limited root canal treatments
  • Dental crowns


Finding Reliable Dental Care

Finding a reliable dental care professional will help you find the best solution for you and your family. Taking good cleaning habits such as brushing multiple times a day, flossing, eating healthy and using mouthwash, and combining them with periodic visits to a dental practice will help your teeth stay in tip-top condition.

Community Health Center of Snohomish provides high-quality dental care services for you and your family. You can get in touch with us at 425-789-3789 or by visiting one of our multiple locations. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today!

Caring for Your Teeth

  • Oral exam and x-rays
  • Oral health education
  • Simple extractions
  • Walk-in dental consultation for urgent problems

What to bring on your first visit:

  • Dental insurance card
  • Proof of income (pay stubs, tax return)
  • Photo ID

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What if I have a dental emergency or need care after hours?

    For urgent dental care after hours and on weekends, patients of CHC should call their clinic location and explain their need. They will receive a call back from the provider on-call.
  • Can I use the CHC pharmacy for a prescription written by a CHC dentist?

    Yes. You may use the CHC pharmacy to fill a prescription written by any CHC provider.
  • Can I still receive dental care, even if I am not a CHC medical patient?

    Yes. While you do not need to be a patient at one of our medical clinics to receive dental care, good dental health is closely connected to good overall health. We encourage you to see both medical and dental providers on a regular basis.
  • Can I choose a CHC dentist to be my regular dentist or do you only take emergencies?

    We provide ongoing, comprehensive dental care to children ages 0-19 years old and adults who have Washington Apple Health or private dental insurance. Urgent dental care is provided to all CHC patients, even if you're uninsured. Uninsured patients may qualify for our discount program.