Patient-Centered Care

What is Patient-Centered Care?

An important part of understanding patient-centered care, is to first understand what Primary Care Provider (PCP) means. A PCP can be a doctor (MD), nurse practitioner (ARNP) or a physician assistant (PA). They help take care of you when you are sick and work with you to keep you healthy.

Your Medical Home (clinic) is where your PCP and a team of health care
professionals work WITH you to build a relationship based on your health care needs.

Your PCP is a part of a Primary Health Care Team. This team includes your:
• PCP                 
• Nurse
• Medical Assistant

Other members may be included in your Health Care Team, depending on your needs, like:
• Nutritionist
• Behavioral Health Specialist
• Pharmacist
• Dentist

We focus not only on your physical needs, but your emotional needs as well. We will create a partnership with you and your family and provide you with care that is respectful of your values, culture and preferences.

CHC will provide you with comprehensive care.
This means we will pay attention to both your physical and emotional health.

CHC will be accessible.
We have “on-call” providers you can speak to when the clinic is not open by calling your clinic’s main phone number. You can also talk to a nurse when your clinic is closed, by calling the Nurse Advice line:  (425) 640-5544.

You can see a CHC provider without an appointment at our Walk-In Clinic in Lynnwood, which offers extended days and hours.

CHC will work with you to coordinate your care.
This means that if you need care outside of our organization, we will help you to find resources.

CHC will provide you with quality and safe care.
We believe that everyone deserves safe and quality health care. We have dedicated teams who work to evaluate the care that we provide to make sure you, as our patient, are getting not only what you need, but what you deserve.

Taking responsibility for and being involved in your care, is one of the most important things you can do for your health. As a patient of CHC, we need you to:

  • Be honest about your history and symptoms so we can provide you with what you need.
  • Let us know if you have seen a health care provider outside of CHC.
  • Follow the plan of care that you developed with your primary care provider.
  • Keep your scheduled appointments.
  • Ask questions when you do not understand the information that is being shared with you.