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How to View Your Vaccination Status Online

March 14, 2023
empty Vaccination card

Did you lose your COVID-19 vaccination card? Or perhaps you have an upcoming event that requires proof of COVID vaccination. Did you know that you can access your family’s immunization information online?

Option 1: Sign up for MyIR to View and Download Your Family’s Immunization Information

MyIR allows you to manage your family’s immunization records securely online. Once you register, you can access the records any time you need them. You may also print your child’s Certificate of Immunization Status (PDF) for school and child care entry. You can do all of this without an extra trip to your healthcare provider or school.

Step 1: Go to to begin the sign-up process. If you choose the Auto Match option and the system finds an exact match, MyIR will send you a verification code by either text or phone call. If an exact match is not found, MyIR will direct you to Step 2.

Step 2: Fill out an Authorization to Release Immunization Records (PDF) or an Autorización para entregar documentos de vacunaciones (PDF) and check the box indicating you want to access your records online via MyIR. You can then mail, fax, or email the form in to the State.

Once the Washington State Immunization Information System receives your signed form, they will register you in MyIR and send you a temporary PIN and instructions on what to do next. When you’re done, you’ll have immediate access to your family’s immunization records to view, download, or print as often as you need.

Option 2: Sign up for

Sign up for MyIR Mobile by going to and follow the registration instructions. Your registration information will be used to match your records with the state immunization registry. You will be sent a verification code on your phone which will finalize the process.

Once registration is complete, you’ll be able to view your immunization records and access your COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Note: Printed records from MyIR Mobile may not meet school immunization requirements.

For more information and tips on accessing your vaccination records, visit